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jimmy11:06:42pmhello, from Colombia
Jono 5:39:18amHi when will sue be back on air ?
gazza8:17:38pmhey could you get the song 'the night we met' by Lord Huron please?
gazza8:17:56pmor "now or never" by Halsey
lilmickey5:45:43amLove you Dan props to big Moose. Can't wait to see ya brudda
Paul11:54:26pmHi From Canada! It's been a few years since I visited Northern Australia, but
I loved it! Nice community station
got there. I'm listening via the Radio Garden website
is our local community station.
Share and enjoy!
Tyler8:58:23pmHey guys could I get you to say happy birthday to hailey dack at 12:15 today
Benjamin J9:30:21pmHey just wondering if theres a playlist of todays (11.6.17) songs
Gem7:27:22pmI'm trying to find the remix you guys play of chameleon ??
june26 ,2017 0630 you played a song, I need the name of the song ,i am going crazy
Toby and Annabel4:50:08pmHi guys please help us we are looking for our 6 month old pup "Indie' is missing. She will be around Florina Road not far from Rowland's Quarry. She is a family pet who has two little children missing her dearly. A cash reward is offered to encourage people to keep they eye our for her. Please call Toby on 0411 130 483 if you see her or if you are looking after her. Thank you Katherine Community Radio. so much.
Nicky7:02:14amHi Guys, we have a bunch of friends here tonight and want to hear Tom Curtain's new single Never Never Land - we hear it's a cracker of a song, best yet! Thanks a bunch!
Toni1:50:37amGreat music Zel's mob. . Love Adele.
hi guy luv ur work vote 111:46:16pmpeter gazey
leroy11:48:05pmplease say happy irthday hayden besic
qwerty12:02:50amhi nate why did u requst songs with a false name?
Dee10:32:30pmGood on you Tim!
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